11 August 2012

Classroom Pictures!

As promised (perhaps a day late) here are the most recent pictures of my classroom so far. In a day and a half almost everything (sans library and random boxes and paper strewn about)has it's place, and is in order.

Have I mentioned that I'm loving my classroom arrangement and am so sad I didn't think of it last year! Oh well, live and learn, right?

View from the door. Desk and horseshoe table to the right.

"Listen to Reading" area, which will also double as another meeting area for groups.

The group of four desks serves as another place where students can meet (think book talks, math station, etc...) The table with the computer on it will be the new location for computers. I'm hoping I can trade the desktop for a laptop, so that I have all laptops. In the corner is the TV for morning news, as well as a file cabinet.

View from the "Listen to Reading" area. There are five teams of students. Beyond the desks is the classroom library (which is in desperate need of some help) and the whole-group meeting area.

Supplies, manipulatives, book boxes...

Example of a team of students. Each team has a colored container that sits on top of the desks and houses pencils, highlighters, index cards, math pens, and colored pencils. Each team also has a "team tub" - the big blue thing on the floor. The team tubs house reader's notebooks, white boards, and testing/privacy folders.

Classroom library and whole group meeting place. I'm even having my overhead moved (notice the post-it notes on the wall) so that I don't have to have cords and projector, and elmo in the center of my classroom where everyone (including me) trips over them! Possibly the thing I am MOST excited about!

View of my desk and horseshoe table (don't judge)! Also, the small table with the printer on it will be where the projector and elmo sit. The printer will be moved!

View of the classroom from the whole group meeting place.

Hopefully, by the end of the day on Monday, my room will actually look more like a classroom! I'd love to know what you think, and hear about what you're doing in your classroom!

I almost forgot! Check out these signs I made for the bathroom door!


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