14 August 2012


I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

I love being able to video chat with my husband, parents, and sister (all living a considerable distance from me), I love stalking keeping in touch with friends and family on Facebook, and finding fabulous ideas (that I may or may never get around to doing) on Pinterest. However, I hate sitting in meetings where facilitators think I was born in the Dark Ages and still live there (ok - this may not be directly related to technology). I hate having a video clip, song, etc...ready to go for students, and it suddenly not loading.

Recently though, I saw (on Pinterest, of course) a teacher who is using technology to help parents save her contact info on Open House/Back to School Night. Being inspired, I decided to make one!

Here's how it works:

1. Google Search: "QR Code Generator." I used GOQR.ME, but there are tons of free ones available.

2. Type the information you want your parents to see after they scan the code.

3. Download.

4. Copy and paste into a document that parents can scan!

My final product looks like this:

your photo name

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