12 November 2013

Stomach Bugs, Book Fairs, and Place Value

Ummm, it's cold! When I left work today it was 46 degrees! By the time I got home, it was 41 degrees, and now, approximately 2 hours later, it's only 37 degrees! For you Northerners, I'm sure this is not a big deal. For this Florida transplant...BIG deal! I dare say, I need a winter coat, some gloves, and some warm shoes. Cute flats are not warm.

I believe there is some kind of bug going around. Today was the second time in two weeks, I've been on the receiving end of the trash can. Poor babies. The worst part, is that in both cases they were sent to the clinic. Twice. Apparently, there's some rule that parents aren't notified unless there's a "sever fever." Seriously? Makes me feel so bad for my kiddos. Does you school and/or district have a policy like this?

In other news, I'm am so ready for Thanksgiving break my students need a break. They have been crazy this week...and it's only Tuesday. My school has lots going on this week, though, which is always exciting, and I'm sure has nothing to do with why my kids have been especially wild. Speaking of lots going on, I'm in shock at how wonderfully involved the parents at my school are. This is my first year teaching at a non-Title I school, and with each event I'm just amazed. Anyway, this week is our Fall book fair, Science & Math night, Friends & Family Lunch, and Holiday Market. Just typing it out is crazy, and so, really, can I blame my sweet kids?

Last but not least, my kiddos have been working on place value recently, and it was time to switch things up. I decided to create a place value scoot game. I wish I could take credit of such a creative and smart idea, but I totally did not come up with the idea of "Scoot." I did, however, decide to create a version that would be a perfect way for my kiddos to practice writing numbers in expanded form, written form, and using base 10 blocks.  You can find it here.

For those of you who may not be familiar with "Scoot," here's how I use it in my classroom. I give each student a card, and any extras place in other spots around the room. Each student has a recording sheet, and a pencil. We practice (quite a few times) which direction and path each student travels. I guess think of it sort of like roads, and all students in the same path travel in the same direction. You want each student to make it to every card one time. The students start with the card at then desk, and record the answer. I use a timer, usually set for about 30 seconds (although it depends on the activity), and then say, "Scoot!" Each students takes their paper and pencil with them, and move to the next seat. This is where the confusion usually begins...students who have to move behind or across the room tend to get a little lost. Like i said before, practice just the movement!

The doubly great thing about "Scoot" is that the cards can then double as task cards to put in your math workstations, centers, small groups, of even math game folders. Love the double use I get out these!

So far, I'm doing well on keeping with my goal. I know, I know, I have to actually keep with it! I think it will be easier once my new design is installed. Looking to spruce up your own blog? Check out Dreamlike Magic Designs! I'm obsessed!

Off to put on more layers, and turn up the heat!!!


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  1. Sadly, cute boots don't do well on tile floors... so it's a never ending dilemma. Keep calm and Stay warm! It will probably be 70 degrees again soon. Welcome to GA!


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