12 December 2013

Book Talk Thursday!

Hello Friends!

Who doesn't love a good book? Lots of people, actually. I believe that people who claim to "hate reading" just haven't found the right book yet. As a teacher, I tell my students that one of my jobs is to expose them to all different kinds of books, in hopes that they will find a book, series, author, or genre that they never knew about, and that interests them. I want to expose them to worlds they didn't even know existed. I want them to get lost in a book.

There's so much good literature out there for kids! With so much out there, it can be challenging to know which books are worth getting past the cover, because let's be honest...most of the time, that's as far as we get. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share one book each week that I think are absolute must-reads. Some share a life-lesson, while others are just for laughs. Every book I share is a book I've read in my classroom for one reason or another, and will continue to use. Some books are used strictly as read-alouds, while others are more of an interactive read-aloud. Most could be both.

I should also note that I've taught both primary (2nd) and intermediate (4th) grades. I use picture books and chapter books in both. These are books that I want other teachers to know about, as well as parents! Unless otherwise noted, the books I share are appropriate across most elementary grade levels. Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll happily share what worked or didn't work in my classroom!

Without further, adieu, here's to my first Book Talk Thursday!

Read All About It! is one of the first books I read to my class each year, usually the end of the first week, after we've figured out how to stand in line, what to do if we sneeze, and where the bathrooms are.

Read All About It! tells the story of Tyrone, self-proclaimed ruler of the school. He loves math and science, but thinks that books aren't really something he's in to. During read-alouds, you can usually find him at the back of the rug trying hard to not pay attention. His teacher, Miss Libro always says, "You never know who you're going to meet in a good book." Tyrone doesn't really understand what she's talking about until one day, he and his classmates get swept into an exciting adventure where the story characters come to life, but only for as long as the book lasts. Will Tyrone figure out where he can find his new friends?

The great thing about this book is that usually each time I introduce a new book, or even in my students' independent reading, "You never know who you're going to meet in a good book" becomes our motto for the year. It usually happens at different times for different students, but once it becomes their own motto, I know I've got them hooked!



You can find it here!


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