16 December 2013

Management Monday!

Happy Monday!

For me, this is the last Monday before the holiday break! Hooray! The kids are getting wild! Management is definitely the key to surviving this crazy time of the year.  Actually, management will make you or break you, ANYtime of the year, but it's usually around these times, when your management system really gets tested.

Classroom management was one of my favorite courses in college, and I'm pretty much obsessed with new management strategies and techniques that are quick, easy, and don't require a lot of prep  or prizes.  I'd like to share different management ideas each Monday...hence, Management Monday!

For the majority of strategies I share, they are really geared toward having students do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. My first year teaching, I basically bribed the heck out of my students. Candy, treasure box, candy...don't get me wrong, it worked, but somewhere along the way,  I changed my thinking, and started the year with clearer expectations so that my students were behaving because they knew that's what I expected versus behaving to "get" something.

One of my favorite management strategies is Mystery Walker! Such an easy way to keep students motivated to follow hallway and line rules. Here's how it works: I secretly choose one student each morning to watch throughout the day anytime we're in line and/or in the halls. At the end of the day, if the mystery walker did followed rules and expectations in the hallway, I announce them to the class, and the class celebrates! I also print these (pictured below) mystery walker wrist awards on colored paper, and give them to the mystery walker to wear home. If the student didn't do such a great job, I simply announce that the mystery walker could have done a better job.

Another one of my favorite strategies is my brownie point pan. Students love it, and I love it! Basically, I got a cookie sheet from the dollar store, and printed pictures of brownies, laminated, and put magnets on the back. I used Washi tape to separate my pan.  With my fourth graders, I had something like 24 squares before they earned a reward. You can choose how many compliments your students have to receive based on the needs of your class.

Students earn compliments from other teachers regarding they hallway behavior. 1 compliment = 1 brownie point. Administrators count for 2 brownie points. Once students fill the brownie pan, we vote on a treat. Simple, simple treats like no shoes in the classroom, heads up 7-up for the last 10 minutes of the day, lunch bunch (lunch in the classroom), and so on. The possibilities are endless, really.

Looking for the header I used? You can find it here!

Stay tuned for new management ideas each Monday! Here are some of the things I'll be discussing in future posts:
  • classroom arrangement
  • organizing supplies
  • managing the paper flow
  • team points
  • desk arrangement
  • transitions
  • individual student behavior and behavior plans (great for RtI)
  • how procedures and routines affect student behavior (bathroom, water, pencil sharpening)
I'd love to hear some of your favorite management techniques and strategies!

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