17 January 2014

Book Talk Thursday - Duck! Rabbit!

Hi Friends!

Yes, I have a calendar. Yes, I know it's not Thursday. Better late than never.

This week has felt a little cray cray. Yeah, I said it...cray, cray!

This nine weeks, my second grade babies are working on opinion writing. I really like teaching opinion writing. Students always seem to grasp the concept much better, and actually enjoy sharing their opinions.

One of my favorite lessons to do with opinion writing is to use the book Duck! Rabbit! Depending on how you look at it, the animal could be either a duck or a rabbit. It all depends on your perspective. (This book doubles as a great resource for point of view, as well!) Usually the second week of the unit, I read the story Duck! Rabbit!, and afterward, we create a t-chart listing all the reasons the animal could be a duck, and all the reasons the animal could be a rabbit. Students then write their opinion (is the animal and duck or rabbit?), and use the supporting reasons from the text (and also found on our t-chart). It's seriously that easy! Best part? My kids LOVE it!

Short and sweet!

I'm headed off to a (hopefully) relaxing, care-free 3-day weekend!

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  1. This book looks like a lot of fun, even for my 4th graders! They love to share their opinions and I think the discussion/debate they would have would be very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
    Literacy Loves Company


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