20 January 2014

Management Monday - Supplies

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I don't know about you, but Mondays sneak up on me. Fortunately, we don't have school tomorrow, which gives me an entire day to do "extra" stuff. My extras always include things I probably won't get to, but would sure love to do.

Anyway, as I've said before classroom management will make or break any teacher. I'm almost certain (although, I have no real proof) that this is one of the reasons there is so much turnover in the teaching profession. Ok, this is started to sound a little sappy...so, moving on.

Almost everything I do in my classroom relates back to classroom management - supplies, organization (both student & teacher), desk arrangement, classroom jobs, procedures & routines, and of course, rules. Honestly, rules are at the bottom of my list. Don't get me wrong, we have rules, but nothing like "Raise your hand to speak" or "no talking". I can't even imagine what life would be like if these were our rules. When everything else is on point, I don't have to worry about rules.

Which brings me to the supplies. I LOVE office/school supplies. Like to the point I should probably be in some sort of support group. Don't judge, you should probably be sitting next to me :) Supplies, however, they can also be my worst nightmare. I've always been a believer in community supplies. Seriously, I'll show you my management plan from college. That being said, my students don't keep so much as a pencil in their desks. Why? Lots of reasons. You can read a little more about them here.

So, how do I manage all of the supplies we use, and what's at each group of desks (team)?

Each team has:

  • 3-Drawer Storage - bought these at Target. Each drawer has a specific purpose. {Accessed by team captains only}
    • Drawer 1 - Clipboards, extra post-it notes, extra index cards
    • Drawer 2 - Individual dry erase boards, dry erase markers, and small squares of felt for erasing
    • Drawer 3 - Separate containers holding crayons, markers, and a pencil box holding scissors and glue sticks
  • Team "Tubs" - bought at Michaels - they have lots of colors, and I got brighter colors that match the decor in my room. {Accessible to everyone at the team}
    • There are two smaller compartments, and one larger. Pencils, colored pencils, index cards, and post-it notes are stored in these. Things that we use ALL.THE.TIME.
  • Underneath team tubs, are privacy/testing shields, and a folder that houses notebook paper. {Accessible to team captains}
I spend lots of time at the beginning of the year discussing supplies, and why students don't keep individual supplies at their desks. Initially, there are usually one or two students who moan and groan, but within a day or two, they're fine, and we're good to go. The best part? Supplies, or lack thereof, are never, ever an issue for the rest of the year. 

The pictures below don't give a great shot of the supplies (taken during pre-planning), but hopefully, you can see the above mentioned organizational tools I use.

Do you use community supplies? If so, I'd love to know how you organize your students' supplies. If not, how do you manage when a student runs out of something, or can't keep themselves organized?

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