01 February 2014

Lessons from the Heart

I'm so excited to share with you a wonderful {FREE} lesson idea!

I can't even believe it, but January 24th, was my district's 100th day of school! Crazy! To help my class celebrate the 100th day of school, and Valentine's Day, I challenged my students to perform 100 acts of kindness by Valentine's Day!

Students kept track of their acts of kindness by writing what they did on a heart. I printed the hearts on red, pink, and purple construction paper, instead of having them color/decorate, however, you could choose either option.

I hope you enjoy this fun, and rewarding activity as much as I am! We are in the midst of our acts of kindness, and I can't wait to see how many hearts we can fill up by Valentine's Day!

If you decide to use this lesson in your class, I'd love to hear how it worked with your students, and even see pictures of your completed bulletin board or display!

What's better than one free lesson? Why, 16 of course! Myself and 15 other fabulous bloggers put together a "Lessons from the Heart" eBook, in which you'll find some really fantastic resources, and amazing blogs! Just click the link below to get the eBook!



  1. This is such a fun activity! There can always be more kindness in the world.....and the classroom! Thank you for sharing, can't wait to use it! (The ebook is amazing!)

    Jungle Learners

  2. Hi Melissa! I'm so glad you like the activity and the ebook! My students have gone crazy filling out hearts, and putting them on our kindness bulletin board!

  3. I love your 100 Acts of Kindness idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Classroom in Paradise


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