11 February 2014

Snow Day and FREEBIE!

Today was the first of two snow days for those of us in the Atlanta area. For my county, we already had Thursday and Friday, Monday and Tuesday off due to furlough days, so I'm enjoying a little extended vacation!

Last Friday, was working on updating some of my math tubs.
Laminating for days.

I introduced fractions to my kiddos on Monday (Oh my - was that just yesterday?). We talked about what they already knew, watched a BrainPOP, Jr. video, and learned that fractions are pieces of a whole, but must be equal pieces. 

The kiddos practiced by deciding if circles and rectangles had been partitioned equally or not. I LOVE our interactive notebooks. Seriously, ah-mazing! These pages are part of my Fraction Mini-Unit.
My sample pages.

Kiddos hard at work sorting, and color-coding (which was their idea).

Since you've made it through to the end of this post you deserve a reward! You can grab these two pages for FREE! I just set up my fan freebies on Facebook (which took like hours - don't even get me started). I should have just uploaded them here using Google Docs like I normally do. Oh well, I definitely learned something new! ENJOY! Don't forget, if you like these FREE pages, you might want to check out the rest of the mini-unit here or by clicking the picture below!


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  1. What a great foldable! And, I LOVE Brain Pop videos! My 11 year old son thinks they are absolutely hilarious. :) Thanks for linking up!

    Teaching Momster


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