30 March 2014

Chevron Obsessed!

I don't know about you, but there's only a few things I love more than chevron-print anything, Pinterest, and combining the two in a fun project with sister.  My sister found this adorable pin, and we decided to take it on!

Let me start by saying we only spent about $7 each at Michaels. We each used a 40% off a regular priced item, and I used my teacher discount.

- Canvas (we used 12 x12, Artist's Loft brand - it was 50% off, which made it $4.24)
- Paint (we used Craft Smart brand - they had the colors we liked best, and they were only 69 cents!)
- Good Old Fashioned Elmer's Glue (which we forgot the first time, because like, seriously? What teacher person doesn't have Elmer's Glue? Oh, that'd be me!!! In all fairness, I have glue sticks!)
- Glitter (2 oz. container was $1.99, 4 oz. container was $2.99)
- Paintbrushes (I already had these)
- Painter's/Masking Tape (we got this at Target for $1.99)
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Scissors

The first thing you're going to have to do, is to actually make your chevron pattern. The ONLY reason we have straight lines, is because I drew them on with pencil first, then taped, and then painted/glittered. I actually really loved this step because it was so precise, and well, I'm a nerd. My sister, however, well, let's just say I made the "stencil" for both of our canvases.

If you're using a 12 x 12 canvas like we did, then I've already done the math for you, as long as you want the same number of chevrons. I wanted to mark the canvas into fourths, and you can see in the picture below, I made little hash marks at 3, 6, and 9 inches. I marked near the top and bottom vertically, then drew lines to connect the hash marks. 

I'm sure you could have just done one set of hash marks, however, I wanted to make sure my lines were going to be straight. Drawing two sets of hash marks gave me a better chance of actually accomplishing that. 

Once you have a set of lines running vertically, turn the canvas, and repeat the process, so that you end up creating a grid. Again, if you're using a 12 x 12 canvas, and want the same number of chevrons, then your grid will have 16 squares. 

Now that you have your grid, you're going to want to draw a single diagonal line through each square. In each square of the first column, my diagonal went from the top left corner, to the bottom right. In each square of the second column, my diagonal went from bottom left to top right. Column three repeats column one, and column four repeats column two.
Now. it's time to tape. Before you start taping, you'll want to think about which chevrons you want painted/glittered, and what you want to do first. For the sake of this post, I'm going to share what we did. 

Since my sister was making alternating chevrons glittery, she needed to glitter first, and wanted two out of the five to be gold glitter. I was painting my entire canvas, so for me it didn't matter so much, other than me knowing what color I wanted where. The tape is used to create the outer edge, so that you're painting inside of the tape. 

To tape, just tear a piece of masking tape, and lay it along the pencil line. Not quite straight, or not laying right? Simply gently peel up the tape, and re-lay. Easy, easy, I tell ya.

You're ready for painting! Or gluing, so that you can sprinkle glitter! Hooray! I didn't take a picture of sister gluing because it's white and wouldn't show, however, she did one chevron at a time. Glue, then glitter, and repeat. She didn't tap off any extra glitter until both chevrons were finished. 

If you're painting, you'll definitely want to do 2 coats. I waited about 10 minutes (I started getting dinner ready), and then painted a second coat. And then the real waiting game begins...seriously, the worst part! We wanted to make sure everything was completely dry before peeling off any tape. So, I made dinner, we ate, and I think I even cleaned up the kitchen before heading back to our project.

Peeling off the tape was super easy, but I would definitely recommend going very slowly. The glittered looked AH-MAZING! It was perfectly crisp, and the lines were so clean. I was seriously impressed. The paint was ok. Not as crisp as I would have wanted, but honestly, it didn't end up making a difference. I got so excited about this step, I didn't take many pictures. 
The next step is to finish painting. Neither of us taped the alternate sections. The awesome thing for sister, was that the glittered made sort of a raised border which made painting a piece of cake. For mine, it was a bit more challenging, mostly because I really had to take my time. We both did 2 coats, and I was able to touch up any areas where I didn't think the line was a crisp as I wanted it.
In the next pictures you can definitely tell that it looks a little funny as it's drying, but no worries, once your second coat is dry, it looks beautiful!

Seriously, super easy project! I even thought about selling these they are so easy, however, now that you know how inexpensive, and easy these are to make, you'll easily be able to make your own! 

As sort of an afterthought, I decided I loved the glitter so much, I wanted to add a bit of glitz to mine. I'm going to hang this outside my classroom door (I think).
Happy Chevroning!


  1. Love it! I, too, love chevron and glitter. As a matter of fact, my teenager always says out house has vomited chevron.

    1. Thanks, Cecelia! You can never have too much chevron!!!

  2. Too Cute! Theresa, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more details. Love your blog!

    Maegan @ Third Grade Brownies

    1. Thanks, Maegan! Thanks for nominating me! I'm so excited! I'll be posting soon!

  3. So cute!! Thanks!



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