17 March 2014

Management Monday - Anchor Charts Galore!

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I absolutely love anchor charts! Like seriously, obsessed! Markers, paper, borders, doodles, drawings (which I'm working on) - what's not to love?

I must admit though, when I first started making anchor charts, I made them ahead of time, because like, if I made them WITH my class, they'd be sloppy. Gross.

However, those oh-so-adorable-could-sit-and-stare-at-my-own-handiwork-because-they-look-ahhh-mazing-anchor-charts weren't doing what I wanted them to do. Ummm, hold the phone...you mean my kids are supposed to actually USE those things on the wall?!?! Crap.

So, I've learned a lot, let go of being a perfectionist a little, and bring you today's management Monday post. I've spent several weeks compiling pictures of charts I currently have or at one time had hanging in my classroom, along with some FAQs I've gotten about why, when, and how I use anchor charts.

My intention is to continually add more pictures of my anchor charts as I create them, and so I thought it would be simplest to create a page, instead of just a post dedicated to anchor charts. So, head on over to my Anchor Chart page, and check back often for new additions!

I'd love to hear your questions, comments, and requests! Leave your love on the anchor chart page!

You can find it here! Or, click on the picture above!

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