03 March 2014

Management Monday - Sub Rules

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After sitting for several minutes trying to think up a clever title for today's Management Monday post, I decided to just let it go! Speaking of, Idina Menzel on the Oscars last night was ah-mazing! Her best performance? Not so much, but she's still great in my book.

I digress...has it seriously been almost a month since I've updated? Geesh. What a slacker!?! I honestly can't even give a good excuse, other than I was sick last week, but that doesn't account for the other weeks. It's just been busy - because I'm sure none of you have ever felt that way before.

So, raise your hand if you love having a sub! Oh, you hate it as much as I do? I can't say that I'm surprised. Preparing for a sub is like...well, apparently, words can't even describe it. It takes me forever, I get really anxious, and it's just not any fun.

Fortunately, I haven't been out at all this year, however, I have attended a few trainings. Last Monday (yes, a Monday - ugh!) I had a 1/2 day training in the morning. I stayed late on Friday to make sure everything was ready for my sub, and decided I would leave a note for my kiddos to see in the morning.

Not only do I love how it turned out, my sub said nothing but wonderful things about my class, and mentioned how great she thought the letter was, because she was able to refer to it throughout the morning.

I create sub rules by writing an anchor chart letter to my class if and when I'm going to be absent sets the tone for the class, and lets the substitute teacher know exactly what I expect.

I should mention that Billy Bob isn't real. There are two extra desks in the room, and I often refer to them as Billy Bobs' desks. The kids LOVE it! 

In other news, I just finished my comparing numbers unit, and my kids are having a blast comparing numbers using symbols. I was shocked at how quickly they are catching on! Today was our first day comparing 3-digit numbers, and I'm just so impressed! Check out their awesome work!

I can't wait to see how they do with the rest of the pages in the unit. If you're interested in picking up you can check it out here or click on the picture!

It's also been forever since Valentine's Day, but I just had to share some of the amazing designs my students came up with! Instead of doing tradition brown paper bags (yes, this is my norm), I had my students take a tissue box and transform it into an animal! So.stinkin.cute!

Happy Teaching!

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