25 May 2014

Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer!

I'm excited to be linking up with Deanna Jump over at Mrs. Jump's Class to bring you the top TEN things I want to do this summer!
As summer approaches, I always find myself making a list of things I really want to accomplish. Usually many of those things involve teaching stuff I want to have ready for next year, but there are some *fun* things I always make time for! In no particular order...here are the top 10 things I want to do this summer!

1. For the last few years, I've not watched ANY of Grey's Anatomy during the regular season. It comes on on Thursday nights, and let's be honest...by Thursdays, I'm completely spent. So summer is the perfect time to catch-up on the entire season! Bonus? You don't have to wait a week to find out what's going to happen next!
2. This is my FIRST summer (in FIVE YEARS!!!)  that I actually know what I'll be teaching next year, and am not moving schools or classrooms! Let me just tell you, I am beyond excited! Knowing what's going on next year, means I can actually spend a little time this summer getting some things organized. I feel like each year, I'm having to find new resources, learn a new curriculum, and so on...so now I want to really go through some of my resources and have a better game plan for next year! Lame? Maybe. Ready to not spend the entire year starting from scratch? YOU BET!!!
3. Since I'll be having a student teacher in the fall, I'm going to make the *Ultimate Student Teacher Resource Binder/Pack/Bundle* Part of it will be for the student teacher, and part of it will be for the mentor teacher. If you've had a student teacher or from your own experiences student teaching, I'd love to know what kinds of things you'd love to see as part of this resource!
4. Perhaps the most exciting thing happening this summer, is that my baby sister is graduating from high school! There's 10 years between us, and I've watched her grow from infancy - sounds silly, but most sibling pairs are too close together to remember seeing the younger truly grow from being a baby. She is my sister, best friend, and such a sweet girl! I'm so happy for her to have reached such a huge milestone, and I can't wait to see what her future holds!
5. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I struggle to consistently update my blog. Not to mention manage new TpT products, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. I need to spend the summer formulating a strategic plan on how to manage all of those things, and have consistent posts! I feel like this is way easier said than done.

6. Leisurely Reading - I don't know about you, but I hardly pick up a book during the school year. It's bad. I love reading. I'm one of those people who will start a book, and end up staying up all night long just to finish it. Well, except during the school year. So here's what's on my list:

7. Professional Reading - I'm not going to lie...I really, really, really enjoy reading professional books. It's how I get better at what I do, keep informed, and stay inspired. I really think this is one extremely important way to help beat teacher burnout. I'm constantly trying to perfect my craft, keep current, and try new things. Here's what's on my list:
8. Since we moved to GA two years ago, we've gone tubing every summer, and I absolutely love it! Pretty relaxing, and a really good time! Definitely hoping to be able to go at least once this summer! (This isn't us - just a picture off of the Cool River Tubing Co. website). If you're in Helen (or just a couple hours away like us) it's definitely worth it! Also, buy the push stick - we learned the hard way the first time we went!
9. My least exciting project for the summer is to organize the "Harry Potter Closet" - you know...the one under the stairs? It's a mess. It becomes a catch-all for, well, everything. I swear I clean that thing out once a month (I probably don't). There's shoes, old electronics, craft supplies, papers that need to be filed, candles that I've stocked up on, a few winter coats, wreaths for the door, and probably things I've been looking for and can't find!
10. Last, but not least, I am so looking forward to being able to relax by the pool, and catch some rays (with sunscreen, of course!). Growing up in Florida, and before we moved to GA, I spent nearly everyday soaking up the sun at the beach. It's therapeutic - waves, kids laughing, birds, the salty air. Oh it's heaven just thinking about it. Hmmm...maybe I'll just forget about the first 9 things on my list...you can find me at the pool!

I'd love to know what you're doing this summer!


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  1. That is so great you know what you will be teaching next year! I hope to have the same feeling soon as I apply/interview for jobs for the fall. We LOVE to go tubing too! It is just so relaxing! Have a great summer : )


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