19 June 2014

GA Bloggers Hop

Hi there Friends!

I'm thrilled to be joining some other fabulous Georgia Bloggers today, to bring you some *peachy* ideas, freebies, giveaways, and sweet fun!

To start, where in Georgia am I? Well, I'm near Atlanta! In fact, I have a view of the skyline each morning as I drive to my school! It's a beautiful view, and although I've only had that view for a year, I'm not tired of it yet! The traffic? Yes! (Can I get an "amen" from any other commuters out there?)

Today, my post is as sweet as YOU! So, I thought I'd share how I make some yummy Sweet Tea! You're thinking, seriously? This girl is going to share how to make sweet tea? Umm, yes! To start, I grew up in Florida, and have actually only been in Georgia for about a year and a half. Yes, they have sweet tea in Florida, and I didn't like it a bit until after I met my better half. Each time he'd have sweet tea, I'd taste it and usually snarl my nose, and then one day it happened! I said, "Hey babe, that's pretty good." He nearly fell out.

I then went on about a month-long sweet tea making binge, in which I tried desperately to recreate that sweet moment of bliss. After many failed attempts, I think I got it! 

Here's what you'll need:
- 10 - 16 (14 is usually the number I settle on) Lipton's Tea Bags (I've tried others, and don't like them as much - also the recipe on the box says like 4-6...and it was gross) 
- Sugar
- Ice
- Gallon Pitcher
The box looks like this. Do NOT get the cold tea or whatever it says to make it iced. I promise you'll have iced tea at the end!

So, start by boiling water. I usually boil about 3 - 4 quarts of water. It doesn't really matter how much.  Once the water is boiling, I add the tea bags. Once they're all submerged, I turn the heat off and WALK.AWAY. I let the bags steep for 15 - 25 minutes. 

Next, I remove the tea bags squeeze them a little with my spoon to make sure I have all the yumminess in the pan! Then add your sugar! Usually this is about 1.5 to 2 cups - hello? It's SWEET tea, people! Anyway, stir until it's completely dissolved, which takes just a minute or two.

While you're waiting for the sugar to dissolve, fill your 1 gallon pitcher with ice. I usually make sure it's at least half filled with ice. No more than about 3/4 filled though. Then, once the sugar is dissolved, pour the tea and sugar mixture into the pitcher. 

The beauty of this is that as the hot tea melts the ice, which is where the extra water comes from that's needed to balance out the recipe. PLUS, I usually stir the whole thing for a few minutes, and voila, my tea is iced cold! Serve it in a mason jar, and perfection awaits! You can even add some fresh peaches or raspberries (once it's cold), and you'll have an extra yummy treat!

It's not an exact science, and I never measure anymore. I just do what "seems about right."

This post wouldn't be complete without a sweet freebie! You can head here to grab it! It will get your year started out right! Keep reading for even MORE FREEBIES!

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Ready for some more Georgia lovin' and freebies! Check out these other amazing Georgia bloggers! 



  1. I do love some sweet tea! Yum! And yes...you must use all that sugar :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. 14 tea bags?! Girl...that's some tea right there! But oh yes, 2 cups of sugar for every batch and I LOVE that you shared how you make your sweet tea :)

  3. Nothing better than a cold glass of tea and a rocking chair on the front porch!

  4. Lordy do I miss some good ole SUN Sweet Tea. My Granny used to make it in this huge glass container right out on her front porch. I remember drinking it while shuckin peas! When we first moved to the tundra (ie. Minnesota) I ordered a tea at a Dennys. DO NOT DO THAT NORTH OF THE MASON DIXON LINE. It was gross, the lady threw me a few sugar packets and told me to get over it.

    Yes. Ma'am.

    Lessons With Coffee 

  5. I think they put sweet tea in my bottle! Thanks for your post, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  6. Thank you for the recipe! I seriously fail hard core at making tea... probably because each time i make it, I think, "There is NO way I need THAT much sugar!!!" haha. Ignorance is bliss I guess haha.
    Also, I had my eye on your freebie on TPT for a WHILE! But kept forgetting to get it! Praise the Lord you made it into a freebie! I seriously am brainstorming how to organize my home office some time haha :D :D
    G-Iron Tutor

  7. Thanks for the freebie AND the sweet tea recipe! I've never made sweet tea on my own, but now I feel more confident. I grew up in metro Atlanta so I understand your frustration with the traffic! It still affects me as I have to time my trips accordingly when I go back to Atlanta to see my family. Ugh!

    I have your writing prompts product in my wishlist... fingers crossed!!

    My Carolina Classroom

  8. I am from east TN, but have lived in Georgia for over 20 years now. I laughed when I read that your post because my hubby is from Michigan and when we met he HATED sweet tea. Now he loves it just as much as I do! And when he makes it, your teeth HURT from all the sugar :) I love a good glass of sun tea, too :)

  9. I love that you posted your sweet tea recipe! I usually just buy it, so I need to try your recipe!

  10. My best sweet tea memory is watching my Granny make it and seeing how much sugar she actually puts in it. I was shocked! Of course, that didn't stop me from drinking it by the gallon!


  11. Will most definitely have to try your tea recipe!! I used to drink tea ALL the time, but had to cut back a little - too much sugar, but gosh isn't is splendid! :)

    Kimberlee @ 2 Fulbright Hugs

  12. You make tea like me! I steep forever!! Great freebie! I love your blog! Gena

  13. I use those same tea bags! Thanks for your cute freebie! I left you feedback on TPT!

  14. Always wondered what the sweet tea actually tasted like. Will try! Thank you!

  15. I could not get the freebie to print the whole thing..tried to scale to fit and also shrunk the %...any ideas of what I am doing wrong? #Nottechie!

    1. I'm so sorry it's not printing correctly for you! Whenever a file is too big, I have to select "Adjust to Fit" or "Scale to Fit" and that solves the problem! It's so hard because every computer is different :/ Perhaps see if this helps - https://support.teacherspayteachers.com/What-if-my-file-isnt-printing-correctly-c15-a97.html


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