31 July 2014

Blogger Product Swap and Review - Number Bonds

One of my favorite parts of having a very small space in the teaching blogging world is that I get to meet some absolutely AMAZING teachers! Teachers who inspire me, encourage me, and provide all kinds of support. Perhaps most important, these teachers are the only ones who know exactly what other teachers experience: the thrill of back-to-school and meeting new students, the disappointment when a student moves, the excitement and nervousness of a field trip, the sadness of the last day of school, the need to go through the one spot at Target every single time I'm there. They get it.
Cara from Creative Playground organized this awesome Blogger Product Swap! I was paired up with Shanon from OCD in First! Shanon is beyond amazing! For starters, her blog is too cute, and don't you just L-O-V-E the name? OCD in First! Makes me smile every time I say it! I mean, what teacher can't relate to being a little OCD every now and again :) Be sure to check out Shanon's blog!
As Shanon and I were talking, and as I was getting to know her through her blog and store, I immediately spotted her Number Bonds product, and I knew it would be the perfect way to get my sweet seconds back into the swing of things after summer. I was so excited to get my hands on this product!!! Can I tell you, it did NOT disappoint! My sweets' first day of school is Monday (the 4th), and I've already got my copies made, and will be using this LOTS in the first week of school.
Shanon really put together an awesome product! There are so many different options with how you can use this in your classroom. One of my favorites is this full-page number bond template she has included. I can totally picture students using manipulatives to actually create the number bonds. Genius, and great for those students who really rely on the manipulatives to grasp math concepts.
Not only that, but this will be a tool I put in my Guided Math tool box to use and refer to throughout the year.

Shanon has also included a variety of options for math centers or workstations. If you use Math Daily 3 in your classroom, you'll love the options Math by Myself, in addition to Math with a Partner. She has included the directions to a fun partner game that students are sure to love!
Check out these options for centers or workstations! Love that Shanon has included an answer key! I'm also thinking that these "Center Time" sheets would be perfect to place in those plastic sleeves and use with either dry erase or Vis-a-Vis markers! Will save on copies :)
 Another one of my favorite components (I think they're all favorites!) are the sheets where students are circling different shapes and make their own number bonds! This makes for perfect differentiation, especially for my sweets who are ready for more of a challenge!
Shanon also has Number Bond Flash Cards in her TpT Store! I'm planning on grabbing these and using them every so often during our Number Talk! What a perfect resource to use during our Number Talks! I can't wait to use it with my sweet seconds! They're going to love it! You can grab it here or by clicking on the picture below!
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  1. Thanks for participating in the swap friend!
    Creative Playground

  2. I immediately spotted her Number Bonds product, and I knew it would be the perfect way to get my sweet seconds back into the swing of things after summer.Mark R. Smith


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