12 July 2014

You Oughta Know...

There are thousands, probably millions, actually, of products and apps designed to help teachers. They're not all created equal though, and I don't know about you, but I hate downloading something only to find that it's not what I thought it was, or I wasn't able to utilize it the way I though I'd be able to.

Today, I'm joining with some amazing bloggers to bring you the "You Oughta Know" posts of the month.
Last year, I downloaded this app (which you may or may not have heard about) called Remind 101. Seriously, amazing. I immediately downloaded, and created a space for parents to sign up at our Sneak-a-Peek, and what's better than me loving it? Parents loving it!

What is Remind 101?
Remind 101 is a FREE, safe way for teachers to text parents, and students about assignments, upcoming events, reminders about money, field trips, events, etc...

In the words of the creators, 
"Remind is a free communication platform built for teachers. Our product enables you to safely and efficiently interact with students and parents about important information relating to the classroom and school activities. Remind is safe and easy because teachers can engage students and parents without needing to upload cell phone numbers and without having to give their personal phone numbers out. Remind has already been adopted by more than 15% of the entire K-12 teacher population in the United States and we're growing quickly."
How does it work?
You are assigned a random phone number, and each class you create has a code. Parents and/or students subscribe to a specific class using the code you give them. 

Because I teach second grade, and we are not departmentalized, I had one class for the entire year. (2nd Grade 13-14). For this year, I simply created a new class called 2014-2015, and created a new code.

If you taught middle school, high school, or your school is departmentalized, you can create up to 10 different classes (sections or periods), each having their own unique code in which to subscribe. Your "phone number" doesn't change. Just the code you give out.

Once you have subscribers (I even subscribed myself, so I could see exactly how it works on the recipient's end), you're ready to send messages either via the website or the app (which is also free).

How do I sign up?
It's easy. Simply go to Remind 101, and either sign in (if you already have an account) or sign up for an account.

I'm signed up, now what?
  • Create a class
  • Check out your class code and your phone number
  • Subscribe yourself - this will allow you to send a few messages and actually see what your parents and students would see
  • Create a letter to go home (grab a FREE one below) and connect with parents and students!


Features I L-O-V-E
  • "Schedule" function which allows me to type a message whenever, and schedule it for a certain date and/or time. For example, my planning is at 9:00 in the morning, and I would often type a message during this time, however, I usually didn't want parents getting the message until after school. I was able to schedule the message for the exact time I wanted it to be sent, without actually having to be present at that time to send it.
  • Creating multiple classes - for me this wasn't really necessary, but I love the flexibility should I choose to use it.
  • Choosing select recipients within the subscribers list - if only certain subscribers need to receive a specific message, I can choose only those that I want. by default, your messages will send to all the subscribers for the class you select.
  • The attachment feature - while I've never had a reason to use it, this could be extremely helpful should you need to send out a form, picture, whatever really.
I'm so excited about using Remind 101 in my classroom this year! My hope is that you learned something new, and are able to use this to maximize communication between school and home! 



  1. I could NOT get parents to buy in and participate when I tried this a few years ago. :( Our school uses SchoolMessenger though, so I think parents are feeling inundated with emails and texts already. I wish I could get this going though, as I work with the kiddos who are usually the ones that really, really need those reminders. I will put it on my list to try again in the fall - thanks for the reminder (pun intended). :)

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. Our own children (middle school and high school) all have classes that use Remind 101 faithfully. I wasn't too sure if it was anything I could use with my 2nd grade class. It is great to see you have used it yourself. I love the breakdown and the freebie letter. I'm pinning and plan on using it next year. Thanks
    The ReddishBrown Crayon

  3. This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to try this next year! Thanks for sharing!!

    Mrs. Cain's Creations

  4. This looks like something that could work with my families! Thanks for the tip - I'm posting it to my home <--> school pinterest page so I don't forget about it in August!

  5. I am considering starting Remind 101. My school does have messenger, but they provide announcements regarding the school as a whole. It would be great to inform parents about specific things concerning our classroom. Thanks for sharing!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain


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