28 September 2014

Sunday Scoop 9/28

One of my absolute favorite parts about blogging is stumbling upon other blogs that I just adore! Even better? Finding linky parties that are painless and just for fun! This week, I came across both!

The Teaching Trio is a cute blog, and their Sunday Scoop linky is something I can commit to doing pretty regularly! Plus, it actually helps me prioritize my day :)
Hooray for lesson plans being almost finished - while watching the Florida State game yesterday (umm, could that game have been anymore edge-of-my-seat?), I was able to get everything finished up except for writer's workshop. Fortunately, my Erin Condren planner makes everything a breeze!

Laundry and Grocery Shopping is a Sunday norm for me. I dislike both, however, there really isn't a better time or day of the week. Since school started, I've been making ALL of our meals for the week on Sunday so there isn't much prep work to do throughout the week. Just heat, and eat!

On to the FUN stuff! My sweet sister is getting married at the end of January, and I have the honor of making her wedding invitations! Yikes! The actual invitations are finished, I just have to finish the RSVP cards! I can't wait to share the cuteness with you!

In other cuteness news...it's Fall, and my summer wreath is ready to be stored for awhile, and my Fall wreath keeps peeking out of the closet wondering if I'd forgotten it. I haven't forgotten, I'm just planning on making a new, fresh Fall wreath! Because really, Fall isn't Fall without some burlap :)

My favorite part about Sunday? Lazy days with my pups. We miss the Mister (he works on Sundays - boo hiss!), but the sweetness these dogs give almost makes up for it!

Happy Sunday Friends! It's time for coffee!


  1. Hi there. I am the same way about cooking! Make everything on Sunday so during the week its MUCH easier!

    Love Fall decorations too! Have fun making those wreaths :)

    Adventures In Kinder and Beyond

  2. Congratulations on your sister's upcoming wedding! That's so awesome that you're making the invitations!

    DYI wreaths are always the best. I bet it will turn it really nice!

    Ha :)
    First Grade Shashay

  3. Grocery shopping is about as much fun as laundry... and it always falls on Sunday! I feel your pain!

    Owls & Lessons, Etc.

  4. I second the burlap for a fall wreath!! Perhaps some DIY wreath making will need to be added to my to do list.

    I agree this linky party is painless and fun!! Looking forward to completely one next Sunday.

    Dancing Through the Days with Mrs Gadicke


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