13 October 2014

Mentor Monday - Pumpkins and Halloween

Hey Y'all (I'm actually more of "you guys" kind of girl, but there's something about Fall that brings out my inner Southern Girl)!

Yes, Fall is among us, and it's glorious - although, I'm still waiting for some cooler weather :/

Fall means leaves changing, delicious smells and coffees (umm, not real pumpkin? whhaat?), and all things baked goods, pumpkins and Halloween! The natural segue here is to books fit for the season!

I love tying in seasonal books to our curriculum, however, it's not always possible. I do have an afternoon reading time, that is strictly for enjoyment (although, what kind of a teacher would I be if I didn't ask a question or two?), in which I can read a seasonal book that doesn't necessarily fit in anywhere else.

I'm thrilled to be linking up with Emily over at The Reading Tutor/OG for her Mentor Monday linky!

What's your favorite pumpkin-themed book or Halloween book?


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  1. Hi Theresa! I just love your blog! Hallo-Weiner always cracked me up. If you liked that, you should try Halloweinies. It's a collection of short stories that are hysterical. Thanks for linking up!
    Emily, The Reading Tutor/OG


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