01 December 2014

25 Days of Christmas...Books!

I LOVE Christmas (decorations, shopping for the perfect gift, giving the perfect gift, cookies & baking, carols, and of course, THE reason for the season)! I also LOVE kid books - hmmm...maybe that's why I became a teacher? (I kid - anyone who knows me, knows it's because I love office supplies). 

When you combine the two, you get Christmas books of course! In the spirit of another 25 Days of Christmas I adore, I thought I'd do 25 Days of Christmas Books all in one swift post!
This post is all about simply sharing books that I love, and make a point to fit in to the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. (I also have books I love for Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and books that showcase how other countries celebrate Christmas, but I'm saving those for a different post.)

I own each of these books (I've collected throughout the year) - however, if you have to pick and choose, the last four books are my absolute favorites! Each book cover will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the book (I don't profit from this - just figured it's easier than having to type it in yourself).

In no particular order (except for the final 4 books)...25 Days of Christmas...Books:
 The following four books are my absolute MUST-HAVES for the season! 
What are your favorite Christmas books?

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