28 September 2014

Sunday Scoop 9/28

One of my absolute favorite parts about blogging is stumbling upon other blogs that I just adore! Even better? Finding linky parties that are painless and just for fun! This week, I came across both!

The Teaching Trio is a cute blog, and their Sunday Scoop linky is something I can commit to doing pretty regularly! Plus, it actually helps me prioritize my day :)
Hooray for lesson plans being almost finished - while watching the Florida State game yesterday (umm, could that game have been anymore edge-of-my-seat?), I was able to get everything finished up except for writer's workshop. Fortunately, my Erin Condren planner makes everything a breeze!

Laundry and Grocery Shopping is a Sunday norm for me. I dislike both, however, there really isn't a better time or day of the week. Since school started, I've been making ALL of our meals for the week on Sunday so there isn't much prep work to do throughout the week. Just heat, and eat!

On to the FUN stuff! My sweet sister is getting married at the end of January, and I have the honor of making her wedding invitations! Yikes! The actual invitations are finished, I just have to finish the RSVP cards! I can't wait to share the cuteness with you!

In other cuteness news...it's Fall, and my summer wreath is ready to be stored for awhile, and my Fall wreath keeps peeking out of the closet wondering if I'd forgotten it. I haven't forgotten, I'm just planning on making a new, fresh Fall wreath! Because really, Fall isn't Fall without some burlap :)

My favorite part about Sunday? Lazy days with my pups. We miss the Mister (he works on Sundays - boo hiss!), but the sweetness these dogs give almost makes up for it!

Happy Sunday Friends! It's time for coffee!

27 September 2014

Saturday's Finds

Happy Saturday!

No lie, the beginning of the year has absolutely kicked.my.butt! I was more prepared, and ready for this year than any year before, but ya know...some years, are just more chaotic than others! This is that year for me. Excuses, excuses...here's to blogging for the first time in over a month :)

Today, the Mister and I ventured out into beautiful Fall weather (it was 68!), and I found some really good deals and steals, that I thought I'd share - because, let's be real - who doesn't love a good deal?!?

My first find really wasn't a deal or a steal, but exciting none the less. Last Spring, my watch stopped working, and I never did buy a new one. I ended last school year with no watch, and I started this school year the same way. I'd been whining about it for a while, and this morning, Mr. said we were going to get a new one! I've been looking at watched online for, well, actually since the other watch broke, and I thought for sure I was going to go with a Michael Kors, but after trying on a few different watches, Kate Spade won my heart spade :)
In other news, we have been on the hunt for a new bed set for entirely too long. Like, longer than we've been married. It's been a hodgepodge of unmatched this and that, and it drives.me.crazy! At this point, it's practically become a joke in our house. While at HomeGoods (anyone else obsessed with this store?), I found a gorgeous comforter (I HATE duvets), and had to have it. Plus it came with a couple of shams, and some throw pillows, and matches our white sheets. Total score. Plus, we got it for less than $90!
Next up, was our weekly #targetrun. No trip to Target is complete without wandering through One Spot, and I found these cute stickers. I'm thinking they'll look great in my Erin Condren planner. If you haven't grabbed your planner yet, you can use this link to get $10 off of your first purchase!
I think just about the entire store was on clearance, because I don't think there was a single thing we bought that wasn't marked down! Best find? These 32GB jump drives for $9! 
I also found a few trinkets that my students can "buy" with their Copeland Cash. At less than $1, I grabbed four of these little notebooks.
A few of my kiddos need help staying in their own space, and duct tape has become my best friend. Although, this stuff is so cute...I might have to find a different use for it! I guess I could have turned one of them the sideways so you could actually see the design! Oops!
In other news, it's officially Fall, and my absolute favorite time of the year! The weather is cooler, and that means it's also time for Fall candles. While I really like Yankee candles, I actually prefer the scents, and deals I can get on the candles from Bath & Body Works. Last year, I stumbled across the most perfect Fall candle, appropriately named "Autumn." Ummm...DELICIOUS!!! As soon as I saw that candles were 2 for $11 (plus I had a $10 off code), I scooped up four of these bad boys!
Since Tuesday at recess (really random, but it literally felt like I walked into a wall), I've been dealing with a corneal ulcer - I didn't even know such thing existed! Super, super, super annoying. It's quite painful, makes my eye ultra sensitive to light (because that's not a problem), and requires drops (liquid gold at $120) every 30 minutes (not a distraction at all). Fortunately, my eye doctor is pretty amazing, and has me on the mend! PTL! Best of all, my sweet guy brought me home a beautiful Fall bouquet (complete with a mason jar)! Oh, and I get to sport this awesome eye patch!
Here's to Fall, Family, Football, and Great Finds!
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