09 March 2015

Management Monday - Role Model of the Day

I like to frequent Dollar Tree. Anyone else? I can find so many creative uses for a lot of the cutesy products they have, and oh - they're cheap! Perfect for my budget!

On a recent trip, I came across these adorable little signs, and immediately snagged two of them.
Pretty much since we came back from our winter break, the babes have been talking.non.stop. I'm about to lose my mind. Instead of losing my mind...I introduced the signs to my kiddos - and the excitement was almost too much to handle. No, seriously. {insert teacher voice here.}

Anyway, the premise is simple - I look for a Role Model of the Day, and then that student gets to have this sit on his/her desk the following day. It's announced at our Morning Meeting, and basically, my kids are obsessed! Some of Chatty Kathy's have been working SUPER hard to get this award! And, since I grabbed two, we have a girl and a boy role model of the day. Ahh, perfection.

In other, unrelated news...how adorable is this burlap pencil? I'm obsessed. Want to know how you can get your own? You can find more info here.

Oh - I almost forgot to mention my new obsession {perhaps my favorite word}...essential oils! I was so skeptical (and so was Mr. - he was NOT happy with me), but we are soon believers now, even Mr. which certainly says something. These four are my favorites! Thumbs up for not getting sick!!! Want to learn more? Just send me an email, and I'll share our story!


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