24 June 2015

Dare to Dream {TPT Seller Challenge}

Hey Friends! I'm thrilled to be participating in week 2 of the TPT Seller Challenge! And, I'm loving this week's topic: Dare to Dream! As I mentioned last week, this challenge was started by these 4 awesome ladies...if you haven't checked out their blogs yet, you definitely need to stop by!
I definitely didn't start making products (or blogging for that matter) thinking it would really lead me anywhere in particular. I had a few teacher friends mention that if I'm making stuff for my kids and sharing it with others in the school, maybe I should post it on TPT and others might find it useful as well. And with a little more encouragement, that's exactly what I did! 
Now, that I'm almost 2 years into my TPT journey, I definitely have seen so many doors open, that I didn't even know were possible, and I'm starting to really allow myself to dream big...or at least bigger than I once did!

In just a few words, here are my dreams:
1. Student Loans - Man, do I want to get my students loans paid off big time! I feel like they're always this little big black cloud hanging over me :( Fortunately, my husband is pretty quick to remind me that they allowed me to do what I love and am passionate about, and that makes me happy.

2. Family - Right now, it's just my husband and our 3 dogs, but we can't wait to add some tiny humans to our family! We've been experiencing some fertility issues, and testing and treatment can be pretty pricey. Should we not be able to pregnant, we'd love to adopt! Unfortunately, adoption is really expensive as well! Whatever route ends up being right for us, I'd love for the money I make through TPT be able to help support our dreams of having a family. 

Seriously...this guy right here? Words can't even.

3. Make a Difference - I am so passionate about teaching! Teaching is hard, but you already know that. Each year, I remind myself that if just one child's life is changed because of something I might have said or done, then I consider that year to be a success! 

I didn't expect when I started selling on TPT or blogging, that I might actually help others! I mean, that's always nice to think about, but I wasn't really sure anyone would buy my products, much less find them useful. I've always loved the idea of being an academic coach or helping with curriculum development, and I feel like on a small scale, that's what I'm doing - no, it's not an official title or anything, but one day, it might lead to that, which means maybe more little lives would be changed!

BONUS: This is fun! It's a lot of work, and pretty time consuming, but I absolutely LOVE it! It's so much fun, and it's such a great creative outlet! PLUS, I've met some really amazing people that I definitely wouldn't have met otherwise!

SO, what are your TPT dreams? Where do you think or want it to take you? Be sure to link up or comment :)

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  1. Those student loans get me every time! I liked going back to school because I got a break from them, but I didn't like the increase in payment once I got out of school!


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