18 June 2015

Student of the Week ROUTINE {Makeover Madness}

Hey friends! I am SO excited about what I'm going to share with you today for a couple reasons! First, it's one of my absolute favorite things I do with my students each year! Second, it just got a big time makeover (and who doesn't love a nice relaxing makeover day???).

But first...the MAKEOVER MADNESS actually came about when I joined these 4 fabulous bloggers for their TPT Seller Challenge! Umm, hello? Amazing!
Their challenge was to take a look at a product previously created, and see how it could be improved.  Which, if we're being honest, I'm so super critical of my products anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity to do a little sprucing up. The hard part was choosing which product I wanted to do a little nip/tuck on first!

Turns out, this sweet baby has been calling my name for so, so long, and it was definitely more than just the aesthetics crying out for a facelift!
Perhaps my worst offense with this little lady, was that she didn't accurately describe the product! It's not JUST certificates! It's a whole ROUTINE that celebrates the sweet babies in our classrooms! 

Other less severe offenses included a poor lack of spacial awareness/design on my part, AND take a look at that yellow scallopy frame, mismatched with the aqua chevron. Now, I love yellow and aqua together, but these two particular choices were more of the "frenemy" variety!

Before I share the big reveal, let me just take minute to share why I love the Student of the Week ROUTINE. 

In a nutshell, I ADORE the kids in my class. Sure, there are challenges, but who's perfect? Not me, for sure! One of the best parts of being a teacher is getting to meet (and know throughout the year) 25 or so unique people! Having a student of the week routine, spotlights all of my sweet seconds over the course of the entire year. Seriously, this is at least one of the top three favorite things I do with my kids each year!

I should note that I DO NOT choose student of the week based on behavior...you can read more that here.

As I mentioned before, one of the worst things the worst thing about this product was that it didn't accurately describe what the product was. Plus, depending on your district/school/personal preferences, you may not want to call it "Student of the Week." My refreshed Student of the Week {Routine} now includes versions for a Student of the Week, Leader of the Week, or Role Model of the Week.
Speaking of certificates...while I didn't include color options, I do not have that kind of a print/ink budget. So, I print 1/ONE/A SINGLE copy at home, and then make copies onto colored card stock or paper at school!
Since I included new certificates, I also updated the schedule of events explanation letter. It too now reflects the options to call it student/leader/role model...YAY!
Perhaps my new FAVORITE page of this product is the "Student Spotlight"...I mean it just seems like such a bigger deal now and WAAAYYY more special!
Here's what my spotlight looks like - this serves as the model I show my kiddos when I'm explaining Student of the Week. Plus, the kiddos LOVE IT!!! Anything related to my life outside of school, and they are begging for more details, pictures, you name it!
This wasn't just a minor makeover...this was a pretty big deal! And I'm so excited about it! Here she is...the new and improved Student of the Week Routine!

Are you participating in the TPT Seller Challenge? I'd love to hear from you! OR...planning on using this ROUTINE in your classroom? I'd love to hear how you plan to incorporate it!



  1. Love your makeover! Cover sheet really stands out! I like how you changed the poster to the Spotlight on.. Looks like a great product!! What grade do you teach?


  2. Looks awesome! You're right, I never would have imagined all that stuff was included from looking at your first cover page.

    Literacy Spark

  3. Your makeover looks great! I especially like everything you added to the product! I am putting this on my wishlist right now!


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