07 July 2015

ICYMI - The Best Planner I've Ever Used

Back in April, I posted all about my absolute favorite, don't leave home (or school) without it, best planner I've ever used!

At the time, Erin Condren Teacher Planners were 25%! Guess what?!?!?! They're 25% off AGAIN, BUUUUT, only until July 19th (There's a code at the bottom of this post!)

You're going to want to order soon so that you have it in time for B2S!

PLUS, the BRAND NEW planners are HERE! (Stay tuned, there's also $10 off referral link at the end of this post).

Each year, the EC team does a little revamping and updating, and release new teacher planners! Well, friends, after a long wait, they are finally here!
So here's the backstory: every year, I would buy a cute planner (usually from Target, because why not?), and I'd write in it for a couple of weeks, and then realize it wasn't really working for me, and buy another. Or I'd print something out (which kills me on ink and paper), and usually I wouldn't end up loving that either.

Well 2 years ago, one of my sweet teacher friends had a) the cutest planner I'd ever seen (and let's be real, that's totally what's most important) and b) different from anything I'd tried before. I immediately purchased one and haven't looked back since! Seriously, Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planners have changed my life.

I'm not going to lie...I was totally freaked that I was spending quite a bit of money on a PLANNER. I was so worried I wasn't going to end up loving it, and well, another would bite the dust. Fortunately, the planner does NOT disappoint! And, so much so that I'm on to purchasing another for the third year in a row!

So, what's so fabulous about Erin Condren planners? What's not so fabulous about Erin Condren Planners? I've got a 1-2 punch that pretty much covers everything that's important.

Note: Not a teacher? No worries - they make LIFE PLANNERS! They aren't 25% off, but you CAN save $10 on your first purchase with this link:

1. Design
I'm definitely someone who appreciates the little things and notices the details. EC planners, are designed with exactly this in mind (maybe organization too, but I'm sure design comes first). The details. Colorful, cheery, inspirational, functional. And, with over 46 cover designs...you're sure to find one (or more - how will I ever choose?) that match your own style and personality, that you love.
2. Functionality
The problem with all of those Target planners? They weren't made with a teacher's needs in mind. They were basic day-to-day or month-to-month planners, and while cute...not really functional.

EC Teacher Lesson Planners are made for TEACHERS! Take a look at some of the highlights from their website (I hope EC doesn't mind I screen shot these from their website):
Seriously, they've thought of so many wonderful forms and lists. It's such a beautiful thing!
Still not convinced? Watch the video...you're welcome!

Here's are some of the pages from my own planner:
Ready to grab your teacher planner? Use the code TEACH25 through July 19th, 2015 to get 25% off!

Oh, if you're making your first-ever purchase from EC, you can use this link and save $10:

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  1. This post was amazing!! I'm only a Sophomore going to college for my degree in Culinary Arts. But this planner makes me want to become a teacher just so I can use it. Its gorgeous and very functional!! 💙💙💙

    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes I think it's my love of organization and school supplies that started me out as a teacher :) And maybe the kids! Haha! They also make a Life Planner, which is for the non-teachers :) It's equally as beautiful, and also very functional! They're not 25% off, but you can still use the referral code for $10 off!


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