10 September 2015

Creating a Classroom Centerpiece

I am absolutely loving my classroom this year! Since I'm co-teaching, we actually have two classrooms with the partition removed, and one big giant space! It's pretty amazing actually.

Setting up our classroom and decorating was so much fun! Getting to set up and decorate a classroom with a friend, and having someone to help with everything was so much fun! The ideas just kept coming! One of the ideas we had, was to create a hanging classroom centerpiece or focal point.
We got quite a few packs of pom-poms from Hobby Lobby, and got to fluffing them up!
Then it was a lot of sort of standing around, and looking at the ceiling trying to figure out just how we were going to make it work. Seriously...lots of staring at the ceiling.

And then, it hit me - a hula hoop! Duh! So, we tied on some pom-poms close enough that they're just touching.
How could I not "wear" this? So fun!
Next, we need to do some "filling in" - it's got to make a statement, after all :) To attach to the middle section, we used fishing line to make a "t" or "x" (depending on how you look at it) in the middle of the hula hoop.
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the filling in process - there was a lot of holding and tying required by both of us!

Stephanie (my teaching partner) was definitely the mastermind of actually getting this thing hung from the ceiling! Fishing line worked perfectly!
A total of 24 or so pom-poms, and this is the result! I absolutely loved it when I first saw it, and I love it still!

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  1. AHH!!! I've been waiting for this post! When I saw your classroom picture on Instagram about a month ago, I knew I had to have a centerpiece! I showed it to my mom and asked her how we could make one. We stalked your pictures and then gave up! LOL! Now we can make one too!! So excited!



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