25 October 2015

Sharing Sunday - November

I feel like I was just talking about October...and yet, here we are with NOVEMBER! November is quite possibly my second favorite month of the year (December holds first place in my heart)!!!

Last month, The Primary Peach "did the planning for you" to help with your October lesson plans. You can see that post here. We're back, with NOVEMBER planning tips and ideas!
One of my favorite things about November are all of the fun read-alouds about Thanksgiving that are out there! I have 3 that are absolute MUSTS: Spookley the Square Pumpkin {A Family to Be Thankful For}, Junie B. Jones {Turkeys We Have Loved}, and Turkey Trouble!
Check out these great Thanksgiving Read-Alouds! Want a pumpkin-themed or Halloween read aloud, check out these.
We just wrapped up narrative writing, and are moving on to Informational Writing! My kids LOVE informational writing! We do a whole class writing project involving bats, and then students choose an animal they'd like to learn more about, and that's the writing piece they take all the way to publishing.

They gets lots of practice with informational writing with our informational class journals, and man oh man, they have so much to share!

I found this Animal Report freebie from Amy Lemons over at Step Into 2nd Grade that some students choose use for their publishing paper.
November is a BIG month for word problems, and putting into practice various addition and subtraction strategies, but we also learn how to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes!

In the four years I've been teaching second grade, telling time is always a hard concept for students to learn. Fortunately, I've found some great time resources to help my sweet seconds practice, practice, practice!
Telling Time Mini-Unit | Clock Templates | Stop the Clock (see the different versions below)
Stop the Clock is always a class favorite and the best part is that it's FREE! I usually display it on the SmartBoard, and then choose students to match! We try to get faster and faster!

Last week was conference week for my district, but we also start school at the very beginning of August! With many of your conferences coming soon, I thought you might enjoy two FREE conference resources!

The first is just a sign I place next to a jar of peppermints welcoming parents to their conference. It sits outside my classroom on a desk, with chairs for parents to sit in while they wait. Nothing fancy, but I like to think it helps set a nice tone for conferences.
The second is perhaps my FAVORITE conference resource. It's actually a self-reflection sheet I have each of my students fill out PRIOR to conferences. It provides some really great talking points with parents, and then they get to take it home, to review with their child. Parents LOVE it! And most of the time, students are very honest about their learning behaviors.
Looking for more ideas for November? Be sure to head over to The Primary Peach for more ideas to make planning November fun and easy!

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