30 December 2015

Gingerbread Themed Read-Alouds

When we get back from the break, my sweet seconds and I will be diving into folktales (right after we do some New Year activities)! We spend the entire 3rd 9 weeks comparing and contrasting all sorts of folktales (Goldilocks, 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella...you get the idea).

The week we get back though, we're reviewing procedures, routines, expectations, and rules. It's kind of like a mini-back-to-school boot camp.

A nice segue between the holidays and getting back in to the groove of school, is to do a Gingerbread Man (or girl, cowboy, pirate, baby) unit! It's fits in perfectly with folktales, and is still kind of festive!

Here are my favorite Gingerbread themed read alouds...kid tested, teacher approved! You can grab them here on Amazon (Amazon Affiliate link)
Basically, we read a gingerbread themed book each day, and complete various activities to go with. Things like: problem and solution (challenge and response), characters, comparing and contrasting, beginning, middle, and end, and we also do short reading comprehension quizzes that go with each book.

Here's a peek at the activities I use:
You can find the entire mini-unit, including a guided drawing here, or by clicking the picture below.

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