21 January 2016

100th Day Math {FREEBIES}

Yesterday was our 100th day of school, which I can hardly believe! Time really does fly when you're having fun (and when teachers report back to work in JULY).

Because my sweet babies are big second graders, we don't focus the WHOLE day on 100th day celebrations, but our math block definitely focuses on the number 100!

I thought I'd share a few of the activities we do!
Food Drive
This is actually something the whole school participates in! Usually 2-3 weeks before the 100th day, we start collection non-perishable food items to donate to a local food bank. Each homeroom class has a goal of 100 cans (or other food item)!

Even though we do with school-wide, your class could easily choose a nearby food bank and do it just with your class.

Each morning, I have my kiddos bring their food items to morning meeting, and we keep a tally of how many items we need. It's real life math at it's finest!

Because I actually teach in a co-taught classroom (2 homerooms {one of which is a early intervention self-contained class}, 2 teachers, 1 BIG classroom), our goal was actually 200 cans!

As of the day before the 100th day, we only had about 130 cans, which is amazing, but quite a bit short of our class goal. But let me tell you...we brought our best game, and ended with 202 items!!!
Tootsie Pop Experiment
I don't know about your class, but anytime food is involved, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a hit-although, I think the same goes for adults too :)

Students take one lick at a time and then cross off each number as they lick. Depending on their strategy (and there certainly were some interesting ones), some students had to flip to the back of their paper, and continue to make tallies. Some of them even got into the 200s, and were super impressed at how many licks it really does take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop!
Coin Flip
For this activity, students simply flip a coin 100 times. Sounds simple, and mundane, but hello, excitement! After each flip of the coin, students record whether or not it landed on heads or tails, and then count the total for both heads and tails.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this in action because we had a code vomit occur.
100 Ways to Make 100
This activity really got my sweet seconds thinking.

I had them work independently at first, and then with a partner. As they progressed, students got more creative with their responses. They tried only addition at first, and then realized they could also use subtraction. A couple students wanted to use multiplication, and a few even used base ten blocks. #swoonforstrategies
How Many Make 100?
If you've already taught money, this is a great review. I just laid put out all of our money manipulatives, and they went to town.

As they worked through the various coins, light bulbs started going off like crazy! So exciting to see!!!
What Can You Do in 100 Seconds?
We did these activities as our brain brains throughout the day! Perfect way to incorporate lots of fun, movement, and warning...a lot of noise!! :)

I just had them tally, count in their heads, or use their fingers to keep track of how many of each activity they were able to do.
When I'm 100...
Perhaps the best part of our day was hearing what a second grader's perspective on what they'll be doing when they're 100.

Seriously, there were tears, we were laughing so hard! I mean make wine? Go to the club? Haha!
You can grab the activities mentioned about here (they're free!) or by clicking the picture below.
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