17 January 2016

12 Opinion Mentor Texts

EEEK! We started opinion writing last week...only my favorite writing genre to teach!

I've got my favorite mentor texts ready to go, and even found a few new books I can't wait to use!
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Traditionally, I use Duck! Rabbit!, I Wanna Iguana, and I Wanna New Room for my opinion writing unit. You can find all the books shown above here.

Over the summer, I stumbled upon the Stella Writes series, and used the one for narrative and informational writing already and I LOVED them (as did my sweet seconds)! I haven't used Stella Writes an Opinion before, but I'm sure it won't disappoint!

I also came across The Perfect Pet, and was in love. I have dogs, so naturally, I'm pro pet. Most of my students either have pets or want pets, so this is going to be puuurrr-fect { see what I did there :) }

I like a having a variety of books for my students to peruse as they are writing their own opinion pieces, and these books do just the job!

Books I Use for Opinion Writing (each title is clickable, as well as the book cover):

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