24 April 2016

How to Keep a Chatty Class Quiet in the Hallways

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Recently, we had testing here in Georgia, and while I wasn't actually administering the test (PTL), there's the stress of maneuvering K, 1, and 2 students through the halls without so much as a sneeze. Tricky business, I tell you. (Although, it certainly doesn't compare to actually being the teacher of a testing grade...been there, done that)!
My APs came up with the brilliant idea of giving out "Code of Silence" awards to classes who were, big shock coming here...being silent!

My kiddos ate.it.up! They were obsessed!

Unfortunately, the APs weren't always around when my class was traveling through the halls, and my class only ended up with one Code of Silence award during the 5 days of testing.

My class didn't seem to mind though - they were so excited by the possibility, they were perfect little non-sneezing, don't-breathe-too-loud, blinking-optional silent soldiers. I kid, I kid...kind of.

Did I mention I have a SUPER chatty class? Anyone else? Anyway, I don't mind it much in the classroom, but I do want them to be respectful of other classes in the halls, and be quiet.

As the end of the year draws near, this is going to be more and more difficult.

I figured why not have "Code of Silence" awards to give to individual students to either wear or take home?!?!

How You Can Use Them:
  • Use them as motivational cards, and give out to any student being silent in the halls
  • Have only a certain number (maybe 2?) for each time you travel in the halls, and give them out to the two (or whatever number you choose) best silent soldiers
  • Create a lanyard with the award, and choose who can wear it in the hallways - it's sort of like a badge of honor. 
You could also apply this same "system" in your classroom if you wanted. Maybe during Read to Self (silent reading), or during an assessment. 

The beauty of these little awards is that you can make it work for you and your class! My experience was just in the hallways, but the options are pretty endless.

You can grab the awards here or by clicking on an image below.
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  1. Hi Theresa-
    I cannot seem to download the Code of Silence awards. Dropbox is saying that they can't find what I am looking for error 404. Can you check that the link is working? This is just what I need for my kiddos for the next three weeks of testing in our school. Thank you!

    1. Hi Karen! I'm not sure what happened...technology is great, right? Anyway, try to download them now! Everything should be working! I hope these work like a charm for your class :)


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