26 June 2016

Positive Notes Home - Shark Week Edition

Happy SHARK WEEK, y'all!

I'm excited to be linking up with Jenny from Luckeyfrog's Lilypad and Matt from Digital: Divide and Conquer for a fun blog hop filled with shark-themed freebies!

I'm moving to first grade this year, and since I've never taught sweet firsties before, I wanted my freebie to be something that I KNEW I'd be able to use with them, that wasn't really content based.

I'm excited to share some positive notes that you can send home, or place in students' desks as a way of reinforcing great behavior - or just a sweet note!

You can even write a little note on the back with specifics about the student's day or week!

I thought these would be JAW-some for the first week of school!
Use these free shark themed positive notes with any classroom management strategy! They're perfect for the beginning of the year!
You can grab your FREE by clicking on an image below, or HERE.
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