28 February 2017

Book Review: Sneaky Spinach

I love books. I love picture books. I love BRAND NEW picture books.

Enter: Sneaky Spinach!
Each year, we spend about a week talking about making healthy food choices - you know...being able to tell the difference between healthy food and junk food. The problem, is that I was missing a really good quality read aloud to go with our healthy food study.

Enter: Sneaky Spinach. Again.

Sneaky Spinach tells the sweet (and fairly common) story of Nick, who doesn't like to eat his veggies.  Fortunately for Nick, his spinach leaf friends come up with a sneaky plan to help him eat healthy, and feel better!

Check out these sneaky SUPER spinach leaves:
This books lends itself to some really awesome concepts:

  • Sequencing - The story is told over the course of a week. Each page turn is essentially a new day, and there's new effect of the sneaky spinach and Nick's healthy choice.
  • Cause/Effect
  • Counting - Each day one more spinach leaf is added to Nick's smoothie.
  • Healthy Food Choices
  • Taste Testing - The book actually includes a smoothie recipe that would be so much fun to make and then taste test with your class! We have don't this yet, but it's definitely on my list of things to do...SOON!
You can read more about the book HERE.

You can purchase the book HERE, or by clicking the picture below (Amazon Affiliate link).


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