02 January 2018

14 Growth Mindset Books Perfect for January

I always like to think of January "back to school" as sort of a reset after Christmas Break. Everyone feels refreshed, and ready to tackle the second part of the school year.

It's also the perfect time to revisit some of the growth mindset books I shared with my students at the beginning of the year (or didn't share because there's just never enough time).

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On the very first day back, we start our day with Squirrel's New Year's Resolution.

It's the sweet story of Squirrel and her friends who all make resolutions for the new year. 

It explains what a resolution is in a way that kids can understand, and gives such concrete (and kid-friendly) examples of resolutions.

Plus, it's perfect for reviewing:
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Problem and Solution
  • Sequencing
I created a mini-unit (like I use the materials all within a day or two) that's a perfect companion the book. You can see the book companion HERE.
After we read Squirrel's New Year's Resolution, we brainstorm some of our own resolutions. 

And then, my students write about their own personal resolutions.

I feel like this book, and resolutions in general lend themselves well to other growth mindset books. Whether I've already read them to my class, or not, it's a good time to review.

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