28 March 2018

The Fruit Salad Friend

I have all the heart eyes for author, Maria Dismondy! Her books are powerful, and offer real-life examples of how students can take ownership of solving their own problems.

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Maria's latest book, The Fruit Salad Friend, doesn't disappoint!

Chloe loves school, but she's facing difficulties with some friends.

Chloe faces some friendship problems at school that so many students can relate to:

  • the disappointment of not being invited to a birthday party
  • being excluded from a game at recess
  • having her lunch buddy tell Chloe that she needs to sit somewhere else
The best part about The Fruit Salad Friend is that Chloe discovers the secret recipe to lasting friendships, and understanding what kinds of friends she really wants.
I love that Chloe is a problem-solver, and uses strategies we teach/model for our students:
  • Play with someone else
  • Ignore negative comments/attitudes
  • Take a deep breath
  • Smile
  • Practice kindness
You can purchase The Fruit Salad Friend HERE, or on the book cover below.
Download a FREE book companion from Third in Hollywood, HERE.
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