About Me

Here are a few things you must know about me:

  • I am married to an incredible man. Andrew and I dated for four months before getting engaged, and then got married four month after that. I can't imagine a more perfect story (we all have one, ya know!) for us. We both grew up in the same town, and went to rival high schools. We didn't end up meeting until years after high school through a mutual friend. I didn't think he was interested...turns out, he was just so captivated by me he couldn't speak. (Ok, so the captivated part is a little far-fetched, but it sounds good, right?) 
  • We have three quirky dogs. Recently, we've discovered that Dunkin likes to read (shreds any and all paper), and Daisy needs glasses (managed to pop out one of my lenses and eat through the frame). Toots is more like a cat, who is almost always having a bad hair day.
Sir Dunkin

Daisy Mae




  • Andrew and I are both from Florida, however, in May 2012, made the move to Georgia for Andrew's job. We love Georgia and hope to be able to raise our family here!
  • We don't have any kids yet!
  • I have my Master of Education in Teaching and Learning, and am hoping to get my reading endorsement, and specialist degree soon!
  • Obviously, I am a teacher by day, but am a want-to-be Martha Stewart/Paula Deen by night. I love all things office supplies and organization, and can't walk past a dollar section without taking a good look. 
  • After moving to Georgia, I did a brief stint as an HR manager for a national retailer, and hated every second of it, and jumped right back in to teaching as soon as I found an opening!
  • I'm obsessed with chevron designs, scarves, adorable flats, Apple products, EOS lip balm, nail polish, music, and taking pictures of my dogs.
P.S. I'm sarcastic. Don't take me too seriously, because I sure don't!


  1. Theresa, Have you been added to the GA Bloggers Meet Up email list? If not, send me your email..jaynestamp@cox.net

    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  2. Hi Jayne! Thanks for stopping by! I'm sending you an email now!

  3. I love your blog! So cute!! I love clip art too!

  4. Hi Theresa,
    I love your banner sign above your door. I looked on your TPT items and could not find it. Do you have it for sale or where did you find it?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello! I think you're referring to the welcome sign above my door? If so, you can find it here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Editable-Bunting-Banner-Chevron-Brights-1330567

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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